The Ree-thinking Sustainability podcast navigates the complexities of
sustainability, one issue at a time.

This podcast series is created in partnership between McCabe + Partners, a mission driven executive search and global talent advisory, and REE, a waste insight platform that is tackling the waste problem at the source.Make sure to never miss an episode

Ep.1 - INTRO - Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Ree-thinking Sustainability

Welcome to Series 1 Episode 1 of the Ree-thinking Sustainability podcast. Our purpose is to reframe sustainability, one podcast at a time.

Ep.2 - Daniel Solomon, HeroGo Founder – tackling food loss one carrot at a time

Daniel Solomon

This week we are delighted to be joined by Daniel Solomon, Founder of HeroGo. As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel is on a mission to enable technology solutions to solve environmental and societal challenges by helping consumers and stakeholders gain awareness of sustainable practices.

Ep.3 - B Corp with Esther & Juncal, Cofounders of Kadira Impact Consultancy

B Corp with Ester and Juncal

This week we are joined by Esther Dahmen and Juncal Marcellan, Cofounders of Kadira, a UAE based impact consulting firm who believe in business as a force for good to drive long term value, increase regenerative growth and foster innovation.

Ep.4 – Maryam AlMansoori – General Manager Rebound Plastic Exchange

Maryam AlMansoori

This week we are honoured to be joined by the impressive female Emirati Entrepreneur, Maryam AlMansoori. Maryam is the General Manager of Rebound Plastic Exchange, a UAE based global trading platform for quality-assured recycled plastics.

Ep.5 – Jennifer Sault, Thrift For Good Founder – Preloved items funding children’s charities

Jennifer Sault

Forget what you think you know about the UAE. Sure, 5 star premium and luxury brands and experiences. That’s there for everyone to see. Consumer sentiment is shifting slightly and preloved is more desirable than once imagined and it’s better for the planet.

Ep.6 – Vahid Fotuhi – Founder of Blue Forest. Making mangroves great again

Vahid Fotuhi

Did you know that one square mile of mangrove forests can hold as much CO2 as the annual emission of 90,000 cars? We sit down with Vahid Fotuhi the Founder CEO of Blue Forest an award-winning forest restoration company based in Dubai.

Ep.7 – Matteo Boffa - Impact Angel Investing

Matteo Boffa

This week we are joined by Matteo Boffa, an impressive Swiss serial impact entrepreneur and angel investor. After starting his career as a private banker and serving two years in the Swiss Army, he decided to make a radical change in his life to serve a higher social and environmental purpose by becoming an active impact investor focused on early stage ESG driven businesses.

Ep.8 – Salman Hussain - Cofounder of Fuse, converting fuel vehicles to EV

Salman Hussain

This week we are joined by Salman Hussain, Cofounder CEO of FUSE, an impact driven (literally) mobility business that is accelerating the UAE towards sustainable mobility in a unique and fun way, by offering to convert classic and traditional cars to electric.