Ep.4 – Maryam AlMansoori – General Manager Rebound Plastic Exchange

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This week we are honoured to be joined by the impressive female Emirati Entrepreneur, Maryam AlMansoori. Maryam is the General Manager of Rebound Plastic Exchange, a UAE based global trading platform for quality-assured recycled plastics. She shares with us how she is driven to use technology to promote sustainability and reduce plastic pollution in the environment. Did you know the recycled plastics market is assumed to reach a worth of $46.6 bn by 2025. Staggering. We learn about Maryam’s move from working in government into the private sector and how her early years shaped her passion for the environment.

Learn more about Maryam’s business here https://www.reboundplasticexchange.com/


This series is created in partnership between McCabe + Partners, a mission driven executive search and global talent advisory and REE a bespoke recycling software company that is tackling the waste problem at the source.

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