Ep.2 – Daniel Solomon, HeroGo Founder – tackling food loss one carrot at a time

About This Podcast

This week we are delighted to be joined by Daniel Solomon, Founder of HeroGo. As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel is on a mission to enable technology solutions to solve environmental and societal challenges by helping consumers and stakeholders gain awareness of sustainable practices. Walking through the streets of Lagos in his home country Nigeria, he was shocked. Many people had no access to basic necessities. This turned his emptiness into an urge. An urge to fight inequality, an urge to protect our planet, and an urge to eliminate food waste. In this episode we literally get into the roots to understand the importance of food security and how HeroGo are on a mission to tackle the issue at large starting in the UAE.

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This series is created in partnership between McCabe + Partners, a mission driven executive search and global talent advisory and REE a bespoke recycling software company that is tackling the waste problem at the source

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