Ep.6 – Vahid Fotuhi – Founder of Blue Forest. Making mangroves great again

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Did you know that one square mile of mangrove forests can hold as much CO2 as the annual emission of 90,000 cars? We sit down with Vahid Fotuhi the Founder CEO of Blue Forest an award-winning forest restoration company based in Dubai. Blue Forest has amassed over 200,000 Ha of degraded mangrove forests in Africa and Asia which will be restored in partnership with community forest associations. In this episode we get to understand the problem at large, how mangroves impact people and the planet, the blue carbon credit market and how Blue Forest seek to create a positive impact on a global level.

Learn more about Blue Forest at www.blueforest.co 

Connect with Vahid at https://www.linkedin.com/in/vfotuhi/ 

This series is created in partnership between McCabe + Partners, a mission driven executive search and global talent advisory and REE a bespoke recycling software company that is tackling the waste problem at the source.

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