Ep.7 – Matteo Boffa – Impact Angel Investing and Entrepreneurship

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This week we are joined by Matteo Boffa, an impressive Swiss serial impact entrepreneur and angel investor. After starting his career as a private banker and serving two years in the Swiss Army, he decided to make a radical change in his life to serve a higher social and environmental purpose by becoming an active impact investor focused on early stage ESG driven businesses.

In this episode Matteo shares his insights into what motivates him to put money into early stage businesses and ideas, the Founders he wants to back and how he unearths the best businesses at university campus level. We get to learn more about some of the companies he has invested in such as Thaely, a sustainable sneaker brand, a cricket farm in South America and Zofeur, a responsible car ride platform. Ree-thinking Sustainability podcast followers can try Zofeur by downloading their app and using the promo code Boffa30 to get up to AED20 off your rides.

This series is created in partnership between McCabe + Partners, a mission driven executive search and global talent advisory and REE a bespoke recycling software company that is tackling the waste problem at the source.

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